It’s a long time since I’ve been given a children’s-style present for my birthday—the sort that comes in a big cardboard box covered with shiny photos and excited words. But this year I travelled back in time as I pulled the paper off a large package. Inside lay my new Celestron, a telescope in a backpack—a totally unexpected thrill.

I’m hoping it’s going to reveal untold heavenly wonders,  even though London is probably the worst place in the world to see stars of the night sky kind. Just being outside and trying to set it up was fun, with cats on the prowl and street sounds heightened by the dark. And as I sat I became aware of just how many bright stars there are, even though I know so many more were obscured by the street light glow.

I’m really looking forward to taking my new gadget with me on trips outside the city. And hopefully by then I’ll have learned how to focus the lens!

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