This week I took my seat in the stadium at the Olympic Park and entered the world of the discus thrower. This was not the elegant balance of the Greek statue forever poised to send his disc spinning. Instead, I cheered as a parade of squat, stocky, tattooed muscle-men stomped onto the arena and gave their weapon a dose of welly.

If it was fun to watch them twirl and hurl, it was even more entertaining to see a groundsman pick up a discus and then place it into a remote-controlled miniature Mini car, which promptly scooted across the grass and returned it for the next contestant.

Welshman Aled Davies won the day and the crowd went wild as he did his lap of honour, wrapped in the Union flag. He is obviously bound for sponsorship deals, but I wondered what is next on the agenda for the other contestants. What will the runner-up, from Iran, go back to? And the Syrian, Bassam Sawsam. Will he return to Damascus, dodging other flying objects?

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