About me

About me

Tracking down interesting experiences in London.


If you’re someone who believes that life is one long adventure, then please read on. I don’t need to step outside my door here in London to have a fascinating time, but when I do, things happen. I like to share them with other people, and to hear what they are up to, too. That’s the reason for this blog!

I love to hear my friends’ travel tales and tips, and am delighted when they follow up on mine. I’m constantly amazed by London, and am never happier than when digging out off-piste places and seeing new ones appear.

Plus I like to spread my wings, to explore England and further afield. With so many great transport links, it’s amazing where you can get to—even in just a day.

If you’ve been—or blogged about—somewhere interesting, please let me know. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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