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The Barbican in London has a long-standing reputation as somewhere you can never find your way around. The route between the tube station and concert hall is so hard to fathom that a yellow line is painted on the pavement, an Ariadne’s thread to lead you to your show. But should you think you’re grappling with a labyrinth, spare a thought for the actors and stage hands. I’ve just been on the fascinating Hidden Barbican tour and discovered that the backstage area is even more maze-like than front of house.

Hidden Barbican

Welcome to London’s Barbican Centre, and the Hidden Barbican tour.

We set off  with our guide, the well-informed and charming Olga, who began by leading us through a door marked “Gentlemen’s Showers”. As someone who is used to ending up in the Barbican chair store when I’m aiming for the bar, it came as no surprise Continue reading