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Some weeks back I wrote that I hadn’t yet formed an opinion on The Shard. Was this jagged glass skyscraper an exciting addition to London’s dynamic cityscape or a blot on the skyline? Now, after spending two hours up on its summit this afternoon, I’ve become a total fan of the views from its 68th floor. Who knows, I might even soften towards it as a building, too.

When I got up this morning I was concerned about the weather, fearing that its upper levels might be enveloped in mist. But the elements proved absolutely perfect: high cloud, and a flat light with nothing to distract me from concentrating on all the toy town buildings (like The Gherkin and Tower 42) down below.

View from The Shard

View from The Shard on 3 February, its first Sunday open to the public.

The views were much more spectacular than I’d envisaged, and, thanks to the City-side location, far superior to Continue reading