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Join me on a journey that I’m not allowed to write about. When I boarded the Bum Bum Train in a disused building near the Stratford Olympic site I promised not to tell a soul what happened. And I won’t. If I did it would spoil the absolute thrill and amazement for you, and anyone else who might go too.

What I can say is that this interactive theatre experience will have you doing wonderful things you’ve never done before, and probably never will again. You are the single audience member surrounded by dozens of actors, who entice you through a series of crazy experiences that have your head (and body) spinning. You hurtle along through physically and mentally stimulating situations, all custom-built with appropriate sights, sounds and smells. Then you’re spat out into a bar at the end where everyone’s wildly chattering and saying it’s the most amazing thing they’ve ever done in their lives. You Me Bum Bum Train has been rolling into London since every year 2004. Each time its new schedule is announced it sells out immediately. Get onto the mailing list now so you don’t miss the next departure. bumbumtrain.co.uk